Best Cancer-Taurus Compatibility Matching

Both Cancer and Taurus are extremely domestic creatures and the security of the home holds great appeal for them. They will be deeply attached to the concept of a family and pour in a lot of effort into this. Cancer has an intense need to feel secure and Taurus will be the shoulder the sign can lean on in times of trouble. This couple will be warm and friendly. Taurus can be quite possessive but since Cancer places a high premium on security, this trait becomes a plus.

Go Ugly Early or Shoot for the Stars!

I got asked this dating tip for guys question the other day, this time posed as a serious question. All these years and finally, someone wanted an answer… huh? Should you go ugly early or reach for the stars? Getting girls is always complicated; let’s answer these tough questions to help you in your quest to get women…

Signs Your Girlfriend May Be Breaking Up With You

When it comes to being paranoid about your girlfriend breaking up with you unfortunately the chances are if you have that feeling your relationship may be in jeopardy. This article covers a few telltale signs that your girlfriend may be breaking up with you.

Three Tips for Hooking Up With More Cougars

If you’re the type guy that wants to date a cougar and is looking for tips that will hook you up with more cougars and you came to the right spot. The article below quickly covers a few tips that will help you land more cougars and have more fun doing so. Here are three tips for hooking up with more cougars:

How to Deal With Girls Playing Hard to Get

Let’s face it, having somebody play hard to get with you is annoying, emotionally draining an extremely frustrating. Since the beginning of time being unavailable in making a guy work for it is the way that women have done their part to ensure a strong gene pool. So the next time you feel like a woman is making you work extra hard to date her remember that it’s her own subconscious pushing you away and you may just need to play the game a little bit longer to win her over.

Relationship Advice For Women – How Do Men See Things?

The first important fact that needs to be explained when providing relationship advice for women is that men and women are different. Now that statement is not meant to be a joke. Of course we all know that men and women are different physically but what many women don’t realize is that, as well as being different in a physical way, guys are also different from gals in the way they think about and approach things too. Not knowing how your man sees and thinks about things can sometimes lead to big problems in a relationship. So what kind of things are we talking about? Well it’s very important to know just how men and women actually communicate with each other for a start. Men really do communicate in a different way with women and if you want to understand your guy you really need to know how his brain works.

How To Find the Perfect Woman!

What is the perfect woman? What things should the perfect woman do? And where can you find the perfect woman.

6 Tips for Getting Women to Want You

Let’s face it, the last 10 years, social media, television, movies and just about everything else has made dating extremely difficult, complicated and oftentimes heartbreaking. If you are a man looking to date your ideal woman and have a wonderful long-lasting relationship your work is cut out for you. This article is designed to be helpful in getting you launched on your way to finding the right woman for you to start a new life with. Below are 6 tips for getting the woman to want you.

5 Ways That You Can Guarantee You Won’t See This Girl Again

As men we all make mistakes on first dates, but what most of us don’t realize is we keep making the same mistakes over and over again without even noticing it. Some of our relationships lasts longer than others but it always seems like the best girls duck out after the first date. What’s happening is the fact that the better the prospective women in his the more confident she has and the less likely she is to put up with the annoyances that we keep creating over and over again on our first dates. This article covers five ways that you can guarantee you won’t see a quality girl for a second date. If you yourself are guilty of any one of the five things below you want to start making some changes immediately if you ever plan on getting the girl of your dreams.

Ways to Attract Women With Your Scent

You may or may not know this, but scent is the most powerful of all of our senses tied to memory. If you are looking to attract beautiful women scent can be your greatest asset or your biggest weakness, depending on how you smell and your knowledge of how to work the game as a guy when it comes to attracting women with your scent. This article is designed to help point out a few critical ways you can attract women using your scent and as an added bonus if you keep reading I will let you in on my own personal weakness and a secret weapon that you can use as a guy in order to land hot women.

How to Keep the Conversation Going When You Are on a Date With a Woman

As a woman, I can tell you nothing makes us more uncomfortable on dates than a guy who can’t seem to keep the conversation going. As much as we expect you to be a gentleman by opening the door for us and paying for the check we are also expecting you to keep the conversation going. Do we sound like little spoiled princesses will yes maybe but this is all part of the natural mating ritual, as men you must keep us interested because we’re as your chase is oftentimes centered around physical attraction our pursuit is many times rooted in emotional attraction. You ever wonder why you see women captivated to the dorky as guy you’ve ever seen? Or why older men seem to have such a successful time dating younger women? It’s because those guys keep the conversation going and keep us interested.

The Reason Why Making Up Is Actually Difficult To Manage

What does it suggest when an individual says that you are not on the same page of this book as they are? This particular statement is usually employed when two people don’t see eye to eye or perhaps there exists a significant disagreement, for just one reason or another. Sadly, it is usually utilized when special associations are starting to float apart. It can frequently be part of a defensive technique and invariably implies that all parties are losing touch with each other.

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