Dating Tips for Men: Eye Contact, It’s a Big Deal

Here I discuss what I think is one of the single most important dating tip for men, eye contact. This should be the thread that runs through all other tips and advice.

How to Not Impress a Girl

Do you know how to impress a girl you are dating? What about how to not impress her? Try avoiding these behaviors and you will impress her immediately.

How to Get That Man – The Man of Your Dreams – Your Soulmate

Girlfriend, wouldn’t it be great if you could charm any man that you liked? The envy of all your friends? Someone who knew exactly how to flirt or seduce any man right into the palm of her hand. This article is on how to get that man is sure going to help you do just that.

How To Be Confident With Girls: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Confidence To Build Attraction

Learning how to be confident with girls can make or break your dating success. Confidence can be defined as an undying belief and trust in yourself or your abilities. If you don’t believe and trust in yourself, how do you expect her to believe and trust in you? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of building and destroying confidence…

Do You Want Amazing Sex?

Amazing Sex is not just about physical sex it’s about the intimate relationship and special communication skills that you can learn, use and share with your partners. If you learn these skills they will lead you quickly down a path to unbelievably hot amazing sex.

How To Talk To Women Anywhere

Do you ever wonder how to talk to women? Some guys seem to be able to talk to women as naturally as breathing and yet other guys hit a brick wall as soon as they come face to face with the opposite sex. If you want to improve how you talk to women, then listen to a few tips from the experts and you will be chatting away in no time.

How To Get Asian Girls!

This article tells you what you should be focusing on in order to get Asian girls. What are the differences between different types of Asian girls and does it affect how to catch them?

How To Become A Guy Magnet And Attract The Right Man

What a feeling! You know the one, when your man is absolutely certain, without a shadow of doubt, that you are the only one for him. It’s like you have discovered the secret of how to become a guy magnet.

Two Rules for Finding the Woman of Your Dreams

There are many places where you can find women to date; unfortunately most of them aren’t that great in the types of women spending time there. Use these two rules I’m going to give you to find amazing women you will truly like.

Do Men Like Quiet Shy Women – How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

When a group of men were asked the question: Do men like quiet shy women? Many of them answered with a resounding yes.

How To Get a Girl’s Number: 5 Golden Rules to Avoid Rejection

Most guys get rejected when asking for a girl’s number because they ask for the number too early. They have not taken the time necessary to give the girl a reason for giving out her number. If you want to avoid rejection, follow these 5 Golden Rules on how to get a girls number.

Compliments for Girls or No Compliments for Girls?

Compliments for girls only work in certain circumstances: 1) if she is already attracted to you, 2) if the compliment is very subtle and unexpected, 3) if the compliment is backhanded 4) if you’re already in a relationship with her and 5) if she’s feeling extremely vulnerable. The effectiveness of a compliment is largely dependent on if she is or is not attracted to you.

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