See Dating As A Numbers Game

I have to get across to you the fact that a confident male knows that dating is a numbers game. When companies advertise they only reach a small group. The alpha male knows dating is the same way, rejection is just part of the game and the alpha male understands that.

What to Do If Your Family Disapproves of Your Mate

Regardless of how much you love your partner, if your family is not too fond of your partner – or worse, despises your partner – it could lead to the demise of your relationship. Fortunately, there are ways that you can help your family and your partner find the reasons for the conflict between them and resolve their issues. Prior to attempting communication with your parents about the issue, remember to consider the source of their disdain.

Four Red-Hot PUA Openers Will Get The Girls Talking To You

Before you head out sarging, it’s good to have a few good PUA openers tucked away just in case. Don’t worry about using canned openers. They’re useful in that they can cause the girls to talk enough to get your personality into the spotlight.

How to Stop Jealousy in Your Relationship

Let’s look at some of the issues that guys have with regards to jealousy in relationships. A lot of issues that guys have in relationships is that they don’t trust their girlfriend. This is especially the case if they are with a woman who has had a lot of sexual experience.

New Relationship Advice Tips

It’s always good to have a strategy when embarking on something that is so important to you, that it can literally change your life. Finding a partner falls into this category but it is surprising how many people leave this import process to chance.

The 5 Female Signs of Attraction Every Man Should Know

Most women show their interest indirectly by using discrete female signs of attraction. Those are body language signals that women give men when they are interested in them. Knowing the most important five signals will bring you ahead of most men. Not knowing those will be a drawback in your interactions with women because they expect you to read those signals.

3-Step Formula For Seducing Beautiful Women and Making Them Think About You All the Time!

It’s fair to say that every average guy’s ambition when it comes to his dating life is to be able to attract beautiful, high quality women consistently. Unfortunately, some guys have the perception they don’t have the ability to do so simply because they think that certain women are “out of their league” so they don’t even try to approach them in the first place. On the other hand, other guys are unsuccessful because they tend to use trial and error to attract members of the opposite sex. However, this doesn’t have to happen to you. After reading this article, you’ll be able to apply 3 powerful seduction strategies that will give you a distinct advantage over most of the guys out there.

Simple Dating Tips For Men

Dating may seem like a nerve-wracking experience sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be! The better prepared you are, the more comfortable you’ll feel on the date. And the more comfortable you feel, the more fun you can have. So with that in mind, here are some simple dating tips for men that will help you be better prepared and ready to have a great time.

Be a Girl Magnet

The pursuit of achieving the right path in attracting women is difficult. It has been on a trial and error basis over the past several years. Until now we have been getting numerous answers and tips on how to really win the hearts of women. This article had also attempted to give you tips that will make you avoid rejection and get the woman you want.

Speed Dating Tips for Men and Women

Speed dating can either be great fun or you could see it as a chore that you dread; but you need to meet the right man or the right woman and you feel that this is the most effective and efficient way for you to go about it. Checking out a potential partner before you commit to a proper date can have its benefits!

How To Flirt

Flirting conversations are best started by either asking a question or making some type of statement or sharing your point of view. She needs to feel like she has connected with you on a variety of topics but also connected in more of a way then just two strangers who have recently met. There are not set topics I would say to talk about but you need to gauge the situation and try to keep the conversation interesting. Don’t be afraid to smile and say hello to a women because most men probably do not even get to that point so h ave already made progress. Just ask simple non intrusive questions at first then try to establish a connection with similar interests.

How To Get Women – Are You Afraid Of Sex?

Lots of guys are surprised to learn that one reason they don’t know how to get women is that they’ve got a terrible fear lurking in the back of their mind. This is the fear of sex! It sounds unbelievable, since this is exactly the thing we desire. It’s the whole reason why you play the game, after all.

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