How to Have a Good First Date – 3 Simple Top Tips For Men

Got a date coming up that you’re keen to go well? Want some top tips on how to make that happen? Course you do. Read on, good sir…

Tips for Relationships and Dating

It doesn’t matter what your age, finding a healthy relationship and dating these days is hard. You begin by dating someone then it moves to a relationship and after that who knows? A lot of times it’s a coin toss, but here are some tips that can help you make good decisions when it comes to dating and relationships.

How to Kiss Passionately and Sincerely

Nothing says “I love you” or “I like you” much clearer than a kiss. It is one of the highest forms and acts of love, and any girl is easily swept off her feet with the right kiss. That’s why if you want to know how to impress a girl, make sure that you kiss perfectly…

Mail Order Bride Agencies: Stay Away From Their High Priced Email Programs

Mail order bride agencies may say they are in the “relationship” business, yet the reality is that many are simply focused on fleecing their clients. One of their primary methods of making money is from charging their members to send and receive emails from women with the agency. Unfortunately, these emails rarely lead to an actual meeting or relationship. Find out how you can protect yourself from being victimized by these services.

Dating and Chronic Illness: A Match Made in Heaven

Dating is like a full time job—you are out there interviewing and playing the field. There is the anxiety about looking good, knowing the right thing to say, going to the right place and doing the right thing. You want to put your best foot forward when it coming to dating and being attractive to the other person.

How to Talk With Women Without Minding Your Balding Hair

Men, we know that vanity is part of your tricks on how to impress a girl. Thus, it pains if you go out on a date with thinning or balding hair. How do you properly deal with it?

Why Do I Attract Losers?

This is probably the most common complaint I hear. Women are frustrated and so many are just giving up on finding love because their world seems to be filled with losers.

Getting Older Women – How to Attract a Cougar

Got a bit of a thing for sexy older women? Yep, me too. There’s a certain way of acting that really reels them in. Here’s how it works…

How To Build Confidence and Be Successful With Women

This article gives suggestions for building self confidence. It discusses techniques to help build your confidence on a daily basis.

How To Get A Girls Number – The Three Methods

The debate on how to get a girls number is quite interesting. It goes from playing flirty but elusive, to being very direct…quick approach – quick exit. So I’m going to list for you all the different ways that I have found, then I am going to give you my pick (or opinion).

How You Can Get Together With a Hot Cougar

Do you want to know how you can get together with a hot cougar? Sure it may be complicated in the beginning when you think to your self, just where am I supposed to locate these hot cougars to go out with and just how do I go about meeting up with them?

Getting To Know The Benefits Of Dating Online

These days, you need not waste time hanging out at bars, parties, gyms or elsewhere just to look for a potential date. Dating online spares you from all the hassles of traditional dating. It’s no wonder why it’s one of the most successful industries in cyberspace.

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