Why Humor Is Important in a Relationship

Laughter makes everyone feel good, and at the same time, and temporarily relieves stress melts problems. It is an emotion that is therapeutic, and sharing a smile with someone who breaks the ice and makes people feel more comfortable around each other. These are some of the reasons why the humor is important in a dating relationship.

How To Be A Man And Attract More Women

If you want to date more women there are a few things you must do. More importantly, there are a few things you should avoid at all costs.

Relationship Negotiations: When Not to Make Them

We compromise; we give in; we negotiate…all against our better judgment, thus ending up in situations in which we are unhappy and unsatisfied. How do you break this cycle?

5 Dating Tips for The Aspiring Pickup Artist

The term pickup artist is a known term throughout the world thanks to several TV shows and media exposure. There have never been more aspiring pickup artist than ever before. Men who seek to fix the dating part of their lives.

Know How to Play the Online Dating Game

Do you enjoy being into the world of online dating? Equip yourself with some safety tips and the know how to play the game of online dating to make the most of your dating relationships. Find a dream love partner for yourself. If you are a little more careful, you will really have a lot of fun dating through online websites.

3 Dating Tips For Men – How You Can Attract, Seduce and Date With Women Effectively

Your friend gets ten phone numbers from girls who he had just met within a few hours. You see him enjoying so much fun with those girls and you just sitting at a corner alone. While watching him getting girls, you have some questions for yourself. If you are able to be like him, your life would be so much different. You wouldn’t be lonely anymore. You’ll be busy talking with girls right now.

How to Pick Up Girls With Confidence

Are you tired of being lonely? Are you jealous of seeing your friends going home with girls? The thing is, you have no idea what it takes to pick up girls.

7 Keys to Succeed With Women Using the Direct Approach

Being direct with women is a very powerful method of attraction. It brings you faster result than any other method. Read on to discover it’s 7 essential elements.

Dating Online and Dating Offline

Dating online and dating offline have always been compared. This article will take a closer look at this topic to provide you with some insight. The concept of dating began a while back and the need to date is primarily driven from the belief that man is a social animal. Technology can achieve greater heights and our lives in general can become as modern as the society makes it out to be but the inherent need for companionship and togetherness will go on for many more generations to come. That said, we cannot deny the influence of technology on dating which has led to the growing divide between dating online and dating offline.

When Love Isn’t Good Enough

People often misunderstand the meaning of love. To them, love ends up meaning: “what is this person able to give me that I didn’t have before?”

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend

There are two kinds of men living in the dating world. One is those who are successful with hot and beautiful girls. The other are those who fail to attract girls. In this point, these failures think that they do not have the ability to attract women.

What’s in It for Me? Why Relationships Aren’t What They Should Be

I’m here to help you realize that often people get into relationships for the wrong reasons, and basing a relationship on emotions may not be the best thing. Also I would like to make you aware of people you may not always consider at first so you don’t end up missing the opportunities presented to you. These opportunities end up being missed all the time and the chances of finding the “perfect one” grow slimmer everyday.

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