How To Approach A Woman – The Basics Of a Day Game

When you want to learn how to approach a woman during the daytime, it’s important to learn the fundamentals first. There are lots of tools and techniques that will get you results, but if you don’t have the foundation in place, it’s not going to work.

How To Approach A Woman During The Day Time – The Differences

You may know all there is to know about how to approach a woman at a bar or club, but when you make daytime approaches, it’s a whole different game. Most guys assume that the day game is pretty much the same, and they’re dead wrong.

Approaching Women – Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Strangers

One of the main things that make approaching women hard is that you have to go from being silent and in your head, to suddenly being talkative. It’s not so much the fear of the approach as much as it’s wondering what you’re going to say and how you’re going to keep the conversation going. How do you fix that?

Seducing Women With Good Conversation Skills

Most guys struggle with the conversational part of seducing women. Not all of us can be witty and original. Lots of guys just resign themselves to being lousy conversationalists, but actually conversation is a skill that you can learn. All it takes is some preparation.

Pick Up Lines To Get Girls – The Girlfriend Game

When you’re trying to get a girlfriend and not a one-night stand, the game is slightly different. You’re going to be trying out your pick up lines to get girls in what I call ‘filtered venues.’ These are places where you don’t really need to start a conversation over the top.

Pick Up Lines To Get Girls – 2 Great Role Plays

This isn’t actually a ‘line,’ it’s a role play scenario. Role playing works much better than pickup lines to get girls, and after you try this one yourself, you’ll understand why. This one is called Stripper Names.

How To Pick Up Beautiful Women Who Are Girlfriend Material

If you want to pick up beautiful women so that you can find a great girlfriend, likes and dislikes are important. I know that your tastes are really on the surface of your personality, but it’s still something you should think about.

How To Pick Up Beautiful Women – It Starts With Social Comfort

Social comfort basically means that the girl you’re talking to is comfortable. You’re not weird or creepy and she doesn’t feel like all you’re doing is hitting on her. It’s really important if you want to pick up beautiful women to get them comfortable with you before you start working on attraction.

Pick Up Artist Techniques – Checking Out Her Emotional Health

Not all pick up artist techniques are about improving your game. When you’re looking for a girlfriend – and I’m not talking about a one-night girlfriend, but a lasting relationship – you’ve got to know what you’re looking for.

Pick Up Artist Techniques You’ve Never Thought Of – Meditation

Pick up artist techniques aren’t just about cool things you say or body language. There’s also the inner game that you have to master. Meditation is a skill that has all kinds of lifestyle benefits.

How To Attract Girls With Facial Expressions

Body language is really important in learning how to attract girls, and facial expression is a big part of it. If you don’t go through acting or theater training, chances are you’ve never learned how to use your face.

How To Get Laid – The Steps For Making Her Your Girlfriend

When you’re talking about how to get laid, I don’t recommend sleeping with the girl on a first date. It might sound weird coming from me because I’m always talking about one-night stands, but you really want to get from Point A to Point B naturally.

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