Brazilian Girl Story (2)

Brazilian Girl Story (2)

Fun Date Options

Sometimes it is difficult to think of something new and fun to do on a date. Even if you are dating someone new you still want to do some different kinds of dates or if you are a married couple that has been together for decades you want to have fun date options. Go on a hike and take pictures.

Project Valentine

This article addresses one woman’s search for a husband through YouTube. It offers some valuable dos and don’ts to be applied in your own (not so public) search for the “One.” Hope you enjoy!

How to Pick Up a Woman and Go For a Date

There are some certain things that you should have to keep in mind before going to approach a woman. Know what attracts a woman most and how to utilize your personality for the purpose. Some minor but crucial points make the task quite easier for you…

It Is What It Is

Dating is what it is and that is the way it stays. Each relationship is different and none is ever the same. In fact there is very little you can do to control a situation you are in when it comes to dating. There seems to always be something within a relationship that someone is not happy with. Sometimes in relationships one is more attracted to the other, or perhaps neither is that attracted but they are doing it to pass the time.

Bring the Sexy Back Into Your Love Life

Are you bored with your mate or your dates? If your answer is “yes”, join the crowd. So are many others. Read on because I can help you bring the sexy back into your love life!

Shower Your Woman With Gifts and Compliments

In life we struggle to take a look at ourselves and open up to the possibility that life is more than just everyday work. Life is in fact a series of miraculous events that we take for granted. The way in which we just know our women will be angry at us when we do certain things. Or we know how to change the mood of our women without doing anything in particular.

Online Dating 101 For Men Who Are New To The Dating Scene

When you’ve lost all hope at the local bars and hang out spots, it’s time to start searching the online dating pools. It’s said that 1 out of every 5 relationships start online (according to, but they don’t tell you how to make it happen.

Secrets to Attract Asian Women – Six Things You Must Do

There are only a handful of western guys that really understand how to attract Asian women. You can be a part of them too by applying these six tips.

A Message About Learning How to Use Your Body Language to Attract Women

Your success with women depends on learning how to properly use your body language to attract women. Females desire confident, open and well-balanced men. You should always control what you communicate as you approach her, and the self-confident signals you convey as you begin to seduce her by using both the verbal and non-verbal communication.

Get Girls With Pick Up Lines

Want to know the little know secrets to pick up lines that actually work? Well, I’ve laid it all out for you here! Read on….

Female Signs Of Attraction – Advantages Of Knowing Them And Disadvantages If You Don’t

When you see a girl you’re interested in, do you know if she is interested in you on the spot? You can learn to read her subtle body language signs and be able to see if she is interested in you! A lot of men are completely clueless on the signs of female attraction and have no idea what is happening. You, however, can be a man who is ahead of the herd.

How To Stop Jealousy In 4 Easy Steps

How do you stop jealousy from affecting your relationships? Insecurity, neediness and the way you perceive yourself fuel the feeling of jealousy. Learn more about these and how to overcome them in 4 easy steps.

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