Brazilian Girl Story (3)

Brazilian Girl Story (3)

Online Dating Tips for Men: Do’s, Don’ts and No Ways!

If you are in (or want to be in) an online dating relationship, be smart about it. There are all kinds of ways that online relationships can go bad and worse. Remember to use common sense and also these things…

Understanding Men: Social Awareness

Understanding men is an important part of being in a relationship with a man. You might think that it’s understanding your man, but if you understand men in general, it will encompass not only your man, but also every other man that you’ll deal with in your lifetime. Anyway, being socially aware when you’re with your man is a crucial skill when it comes to earning the respect and love from your man. We might come across as having thick skin, but if you do say something out of line, we do get hurt from it. Here’s how to increase your social awareness and get more love and respect from your man in return.

How To Woo A Guy In Three Steps

Have you ever wondered how certain ladies have men giving them lots of attention, while others have no such good fortune? How a woman feels about herself plays a crucial role in how much attention she draws from the opposite sex.

Are You Too Bitter For Love?

Infidelity and other betrayals in relationships hurt badly. But once you move on, don’t lug old baggage into a new relationship. Otherwise, your past hurt could ruin your future chance at love.

Imperfection Perfection

Don’t rush to judgement when a new love interest seems less than perfect. We all have flaws but that is not what one should focus on. Recognize the qualities that make the person you love unique, and the reason you cherish having them in your life.

How to Get a Girl Back After a Bad Breakup

Nothing sucks like getting dumped. All you can think about is getting your girl back, but if you let yourself follow your emotions, you might do exactly the wrong things. Here’s proven advice to help you get your girl back after a bad breakup.

What To Do When The Woman Saying I DO Isn’t You

Wedding season isn’t over yet! And if you find yourself wearing the bridesmaid dress instead of the bridal gown, no worries. Here are some useful tips to help you while you wait for your season.

How To Handle Relationship Envy As A Christian Woman

Jealousy is one of the hardest things to deal with in relationships. And, it especially hurts if it’s a close friend who appears jealous of where God is taking you in a relationship. Have you experienced this before? Has someone who you hoped would be happy for you exhibited signs of jealousy? Did they seem to despise you because of your blissful relationship? I’m sure many of us have been through this. This is exactly what a Facebook friend of mine experienced and was led to share her question with me. With her permission, I am address it in this column.

Single Black Females – Why The Black Church Is Not The Problem

The black church is currently under a microscope in the media because of this one question: “Does the black church keep the black woman single?” The short answer? No. Keep reading for the long answer.

Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box – How to Talk to Women

So what is the easiest way to attract girls? That is a very vague question. It all depends on what kind of women you are dealing with.

Emotionally Needy – How To Stop Being A Needy Boyfriend

Being an emotionally needy boyfriend means giving her all the power. This is bad, because you’ll turn her off. I know you can relate to the pain of feeling unloved and unappreciated. These are the kind of feelings you get when you act needy. Believe me, I know it hurts. A woman biggest fear is becoming her man’s mommy. If you overcompensate for mistakes you make, you show neediness and fear of loss. All of these are very unattractive to women. In this article you’ll find out if you’re being needy and learn how to put a stop to it.

6 Ways To Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You

Now and then a woman will tell you directly that she is interested. This has an irony to it because women normally only do this when you have somehow already made it clear to them that you – the man, is definitely interested in her.

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