Brazilian Girl TikTok (2)

Brazilian Girl TikTok (2)

6 Effective Steps to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

“I want my ex-girlfriend back!” This is what lots of men who can’t get over their broken relationships may be telling themselves, but may not know the right way to go about it. Heartbroken men who loved their girlfriends deeply would normally still be ‘holding the torch’ for them with the hope that their ex-girlfriends will return to them one day.

Do You Like Who You’re Dating?

Sometimes we forget to ask ourselves this very important question. Have you asked yourself?

Make Him Pick Up the Phone and Call You

Are you sitting next to your phone, staring at it, just hoping it will ring and that on the end of the line will be the guy you’re seeing? Do you find yourself waiting around for him to call you up all the time? If so, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ that will actually get him to call you more often.

Break Ups: The How and Why of a Guy’s Mind

While no one likes going through a romantic break up, it’s even worse when you don’t understand why the two of you broke up in the first place. Have you found yourself dumped by a guy when you thought everything was going well? Are you wondering what exactly it is that makes your romantic relationships not work out?

Is He Pulling Away? Here’s Why

Sometimes guys start to back out of relationships or turn standoffish and you will have no clue why they’re withdrawing. Is it something you did, or is something wrong with him? The truth is that it could be either scenario, and unless you do the work to recognize and rectify the problem now, you could be heading for disaster.

Old Fashioned Dating Rule 2: The Man Plans and Pays

Do the old fashioned dating rules from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s work? I think a lot of them could be dusted off and used today with great success. So how about the old fashioned rule the ‘man plans and pays’. Yup, that’s a keeper. A definite yes that one still applies today.

How Can I Get Through to Him?

Men aren’t the most emotionally expressive of creatures, and sometimes it can feel like it’s downright impossible to figure out what they’re thinking, especially when it comes to love. Are you stuck in a relationship where you feel like you can’t communicate emotionally with your significant other at all? Believe it or not, there may be other reasons for his standoffishness.

How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Men

What would you say if I told you that you could get nearly any guy to fall all over himself just to be able to talk to you? Would you believe me? Do you think you’re capable of such a thing?

Common Questions About Dating

Dating is one of the most difficult tasks in the human life since partners try to assess how suitable the other is as a spouse. Many questions arise as one tries to prove that he/she is worth being a spouse.

How to Catch a Girl’s Eye at a Party

If you want to catch a girl’s eye at a party, the first step would be to understand how difficult girls can actually be and how different they are compared to guys. A lot of guys tend to assume that girls like the exact same things that they do, but this definitely isn’t the case.

Understanding the Art of Flirting

Have you every been in a situation wherein you’re talking to someone and yet you cannot elaborate whether he or she is flirting with you or not? Are you in need of visible signs that a person is into you or not? If yes, then here are some tips!

How To Be A Bad Boy With Women

Science has proven that many women are hard-wired to be attracted to so-called ‘bad boys’. Here are five essential characteristics any man who is trying to become a bad boy must have.

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