Brazilian Girl TikTok (4)

Brazilian Girl TikTok (4)

The Ultimate 1st Date

When the art of dating mixes with the art of cooking something magical results. It’s so easy to spice up your love life if you follow my simple recipe!

Tips on How to Text a Girl

Ever hit it off with a girl you just met and get her number? Do you ever feel lost after getting the phone number or find yourself getting no response from her? Check out these tips to prevent that from ever happening again.

What to Text Women to Make Them Like You

Did you just get the number of a woman that you like, but have no idea what to text women to get her to like you in the first place? Whether this is the first time you plan on texting her or the tenth, your goal should be to build up attraction, so that she ends up wanting to see you again. One way to do this would be to learn what to text women in a way that will excite them, so that you can just focus on being yourself on the day that you finally meet again.

Frozen Dinner for One or One Blind Date? (A Dating Dilemma )

There you are on a Friday night sprawled out on your sofa in front of your TV, with the remote control in one hand and your cell phone in the other, debating on the most important matter of your day: frozen turkey dinner or frozen macaroni & cheese? You slowly get up and lazily yawning, start walking towards the kitchen, wondering which of the two dinners would be the fastest to cook in the microwave when suddenly, it happens!… your cell phone rings… your night as well as your luck may be about to change…

Running a Dating Site – First Impressions

It’s the little things that can put people off when visiting a website. A simple mistake can cause the visitor to pause briefly. Getting these little things right gives your site more chance of keeping a visitor focused on the content you have worked hard to create.

The Don’ts of Texting a Girl

If you’ve been texting a girl you recently met and you have noticed that she hasn’t been that responsive to your texts, you might be doing something wrong. Before you send another message, read about these don’ts that can help you learn about how to text a girl, in general.

Your Next Move: Texting A Girl You Just Met

Texting has become so popular nowadays that it has created a new venue for conversations to arise and even changed the game of interacting and making first dates. The more techie age we have now still echoes real life, though, where a girl still expects a guy that she likes to make the first move. So, if you recently met a girl you like and would like to send her a text message, go ahead and do so! Here are some tips to help you when it comes to texting a girl.

How Texting a Woman You Like Can Help You

Technology has not only brought us advances, but also chances to expand the number of platforms through which we can communicate. One of the most popular platform is texting. It is no secret that texting has been very helpful for those who need to get in touch with someone from a distance. It has become especially helpful, too, for the men who aren’t sure how to approach a woman they like.

The Guide to Text Flirting

Nowadays, the guys are stepping up their game in the flirting department and finding different ways to reach out to a girl they like. One way you can do the same is through text flirting. This is a new platform, so if you are ready to dip your toes into it, here are some guidelines to help you with keeping your text flirting in check to get you the best results in the end.

How to Text A Girl

There are a TON of articles on the web about “how to text a girl”, “how to be a player”, “how to convince a girl to take you home” etc. These things reek of cologne and lonely nights.

Text Flirting Tips – What and How Often Should You Text a Girl?

Some of the most vital text flirting tips out there is to know what and how often to text a girl. So, if you want to know what and how often to do so, then read on.

Text Message Flirting – How to Seduce a Girl With Ease

There will be many times where you find yourself getting a girl’s phone number and hoping to get her to fall in love with you through text message flirting. However, text message flirting requires the right expertise; otherwise, you might have trouble succeeding in winning a girl’s heart with this particular technology. If you need some help, here are several things you need to remember:

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