Brazilian Girl TikTok (5)

Brazilian Girl TikTok (5)

The Dangers Of Instant Chemistry In Dating And Relationships

Instant chemistry blows away our best interest sometimes – it messes with our “man-picker” and it works against us. We tend to choose chemistry over the whole package…

How to Contact Your Ex After The ‘No Contact’ Period

It often happens that after the break up all on a sudden your ex becomes more handsome or beautiful to your eyes. Your heart beats faster just like it did before and suddenly you start wondering if you can get your ex back.

The Online Dating Guide – Moving From Internet Chat to Real Life Love

Thanks to the popularity of social networking, we can all safely say, without embarrassment, that we use online singles websites to connect, flirt, and meet new people. Now we simply have the option of using BETTER online dating sites than the usual Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (err… is it still up?) that everyone uses to stay sociable. It sure wasn’t like that in the 1990s, where the online community was experiencing some growing pains, or even worse, the 1980s when Bulletin Board Systems, newspaper ads, and Lowered Expectations (or something like it!) were your only options!

Is Seduction a Skill or an Art Form?

Most guys talk about gaming girls like it’s some kind of battle. Is that the best metaphor?

The Secrets to Impressing Men

Do you ever wonder what it’s like for those women who can get anything they want from men? Do you long to be the kind of woman that a man would fall all over himself to please? Imagine walking into a room and catching every guy’s gaze — and then taking your pick of the available bachelors.

Why Is He Getting Distant?

Most women have been in the type of situation where they are in a relationship that seems to be cooling off, and they don’t know what is going wrong. Men stop calling as often, stop being as enthusiastic to spend time with you, or make excuses not to see you. Why is he acting this way?

Why Did He Break Up With Me?

Every woman has been broken up with at least once (and if you haven’t, the rest of us hate you). It’s an awful feeling to have the rug pulled out from under you and to be told that you’re basically just not what he wants, that you’re not a good fit for him, that you’re not good enough for him. This can be heart-wrenching to deal with, and if you self confidence is already a little on the low side, it can send it plummeting even further down.

Get Him to Pick Up the Phone and Call You

Are you waiting by your phone, willing it to ring and hoping your guy is on the other end of the line? Do you feel like you’re the only one who ever makes the effort to communicate with him? Does it seem sometimes like he doesn’t even know how a phone works?

What Made Us Want to Date Older Men

Why do some younger women tend to date older men? This article gives you my inner perspective.

How To Look Good For an Ex-Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

The most important thing that both men and women should do to present a good image to the world is to display a good attitude. Instead of acting depressed or displayed, it is important to find thing to be optimistic about. Cheery people tend to attract more positive attention, you it will also help you look good for exes.

How To Make Seduction Her Idea For Irresistible Attraction

Naturally, nobody likes to be told what to do. This goes double in the world of pick up and seduction. So when you structure it so it’s HER idea, she’ll be all over you.

The Essential But Forgotten Seduction Skill

No matter what you’re doing, you need skills. And these are absolutely essential.

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