Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (1)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (1)

Get Smart About Dating

Dating isn’t always easy, but if you’re serious about having a fulfilling relationship then you need to get smart about dating. Developing a smart dating plan will help you approach a new relationship from a place of strength, helping you to attract your soulmate.

What To Do If She Talks About Her Ex

  Every guy knows it’s a bad idea to talk about their ex when they first meet a girl. It sends the wrong message, makes it look like you haven’t moved on, and is completely uninteresting to the girl. If you start talking about your ex, you’re going to turn her off quickly.

Finding the Perfect Partner – Dating Is a Numbers Game

Each time you go on a date, you rack up more information on your preferences. Dating is indeed a numbers game. How can you make this process work for you? Rather than an viewing this as an exhausting process, use each date to give you greater clarity. That will speed up your success in finding the love you seek.

Are You in a “Band Aid” Relationship?

A Band Aid relationship is the type of involvement that seeks quick relief from the pangs of loneliness. In the inability to find meaningful connection, this type of relationship choice serves as a temporary means to an end. It’s often employed when the desire for partnership is paramount, and the substance and quality of that partnership, is secondary. If you are in a Band Aid relationship, read on to discover its perks and perils.

The Key to Attracting Your Perfect Mate – Keep Moving Forward

On the way to allowing (and calling in) your mate, a major requirement is to keep moving forward. By that I mean to look ahead to your future, and the future you want to create. When you keep your focus on where you’re going, not where you’ve been, the mind becomes activated in a way that works toward your accomplishment of that goal.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest – What to Do When He Is Getting Tired of You

Learning how to recognize the signs your boyfriend is losing interest can save you lots of anxiety and heartache. When you understand men better, you can finally stop wondering if you’re being over-sensitive, and figure out what to do when he is getting tired of you instead. Read on to see whether you should be worried about the state of your relationship.

5 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman On A First Date

So you finally managed to score a date with that hot brunette you’ve been eyeing for the last few weeks. Great! Now what? What do you say to make a good impression? Sometimes, it’s more important knowing what not to say instead. Here are five things you should never say to a woman on a first date.

This Is The End?

The beginning of a date is clear. The end…not so much. Here are some tips for appropriately ending a date.

6 Things to Think About Before You Date Someone Older

Having no luck finding someone to date your own age? Thinking about dating someone older? What to expect? Article explains.

Ten Ways to Spot a Sociopath (AKA Con-Artist) on Your First Date

There are people in the world who don’t care about love, and who feel no remorse, empathy or emotional attachment to others. They don’t even know what these feeling are. These people are called sociopaths. Most people think of a sociopath as a deranged serial killer, but, with 4% of the population having the character traits of a sociopath, most sociopaths never physically harm anyone. Sociopaths do however ruin lives, empty bank accounts, and cause untold emotional trauma, using simply the fact that they don’t care.

Effective Kissing Tips That Can Be Used By Anyone

Kissing is an amazing art that was invented by the French and it has been adopted by so many countries as a medium of expressing affection and care to a loved one. The funny part of kissing is that the more you get more knowledge about it, the more it seems like you don’t know much about it and the desire to know more just never seem to go away. I find this topic very interesting and would like to share some kissing tips with you to help you strengthen your relationship.

Searching For Mister Right

Many ladies seek out the Mr. Right in their lives, the one who can call them as their dream guy. But a recent study shows that more females are facing problems with regards to the concept of finding Mr Right. Women today are likely to compromise and acknowledge their partners for who they are.

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