Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (1)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (1)

You Have The Number – Now What Do You Say?

Meeting a girl and getting a number can be quite a task and quite nerve racking, especially if you are new at this or have problems with your self-confidence. In fact the whole dating scene can be scary when you are new at it. First you need to learn the In’s and outs of meeting girls, talking to them and getting a positive response from them. So assuming you have accomplished the first part of meeting a girl and that you have actually acquired her number now comes the hard part of actually phoning her up and trying to get a date.

Signs You Might Be a Clingy Girlfriend

One of the biggest buzz killers in a relationship is a clingy girlfriend. Men hate it, you know they hate it so why do you keep doing it?

Get A Girlfriend – Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection

Are you struggling with your fear of rejection? Is it holding you back from approaching girls and asking them out for a date? Let’s face it, if you don’t overcome your fear of rejection you will never get a girlfriend, plain & simple. Fear can be very disabling, preventing anyone from accomplishing the things they would like to or just experiencing the things in life that can be a lot of fun.

What Women Expect On A First Date

First of all congratulations on getting a first date with a woman! You know how you got the first date. But the task doesn’t end here. You will be called successful if you get a second date with the same lady. This essentially means meeting her expectations on the first date so that she is willing to meet you the next time too.

5 Dating Safety Tips for Single Women With Kids

For a single woman, dating can be tricky. How long do you date a man before getting alone with him or invite him home? Here are 5 tips to have fun dating while being safe.

How Long Should You Wait Before You Call a Girl? Dating Advice For Men

This is actually a question that has limited importance in terms of whether she likes you or not. Guys worry that calling next day will make them seem needy. This is simply not the case. Let me explain…

Dating Latin Women – Latino Dating Can Be A Blast

A quick note before we begin: what follows are generalized statements. Every person is unique, but there are often broad similarities amongst people from a specific background. Nothing should be construed as being insensitive. That being said, dating Latin women can be a lot of fun. You will have to be aware of any cultural differences and be sure to respect them.

Elements of Romance in BaZi Astrology

One of the popular uses of BaZi Analysis is for the purpose of compatibility analysis. Now, compatibility analysis doesn’t just refer to compatibility between two people who want to get married, although that is the predominant type of analysis that usually interests most people. Compatibility analysis can also extend to business partners and employees.

How To Know When It’s Time To Invite Him Into Your Bed?

How to know when to invite him into your bed is a tricky question and needs a lot of thought put into it. One thing I often see is women who jump right into bed after just a few dates or even on the first date sometimes. This sends a message to a man that he doesn’t have to work for it and that is the last thing a man wants. When you make him work for it he has time invested and no man will walk away from all their hard work (no pun intended) so he will be more apt to stick around.

How To Make A Guy/Girl Fall in Love With You

I will start by changing your belief systems about yourself. You must dress well, behave well, and adopt a belief you can influence and make anybody fall in love with you. I will move on to confidence building and eventually the language needed to finish the job.

How to Make Women Think That You Are Interesting – Dating Tips For Men

Ever wondered why some guys are considered interesting and most aren’t? Or more importantly, how to be one of those guys that women seem to find fascinating? Read on…

How To Play Hard To Get With A Girl In 5 Easy Steps

Women aren’t the only ones who have to keep their feelings to themselves. As a guy, you have to know how to play hard to get with a girl as well. This article shows you how.

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