Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

8 Simple Tips To Get A Guy Interested Whilst Talking To Him

When talking to a guy there’s two things that will create interest for him. The first is you as a person (something that you can’t change so easily) and secondly is what you do during the conversation. You see, when a guy is talking to you he’s looking for those little hints that show him if you are or aren’t interested in him as well as general things that might turn him off.

7 Essential Things That Men Find Attractive About A Woman

Women aren’t called the beautiful sex for nothing. Us men, like women much more than how you like us. This being said, it’s only obvious that there are some things about women that we find even more attractive. Because men are simple creatures, certain things appeal to all of us, similar to how certain things about us men, appeal to you.

Why Doesn’t He Like You Back? 18 Most Common Reasons and How To Deal With Them

Unfortunately it’s not always how you want it to be. You might be into some guy but for some reason he’s just not into you. You’ll first give him little hints about how you feel (not telling him bluntly) and expect him to do the same but even with this effort it seems that this guy is either not getting it or isn’t into you. Usually, the best option would be to get over him and move on, since he’s obviously not able to see what’s in front of his face and why should you care if he’s missing out on something so wonderful (you)? Unfortunately, sometimes things aren’t as easy so you’d feel a lot better if you knew exactly why this is happening. It’s true that all guys are different but often enough, it’s going to be down to one of the following 18 reasons.

8 Qualities That Define a Great Man

When searching for that special someone it’s always good to have an image of what he should be like. See, I didn’t start out by coaching women in their love lives, I started out with men. It’s funny when I think about it because what women want from a man is what I was trying to teach them all along. In any case, here are quite a few qualities that make a man great. In reality, looking for a guy that has these qualities is not that FAR FETCHED as many guys believe. But, if you want to have a higher chance of finding love, identify the ones that matter to you most and STICK to them. In my personal view, men that don’t posses these qualities are not worth my respect.

How to Start Conversations With Women

It’s always a hard task to start a conversation with a woman you find attractive. If you use the right tools, interacting with gorgeous women will be easy!

How To Make Conversation Easy With Beautiful Women

Can starting a conversation with a beautiful woman be easy? There are some useful tips you can learn to get you talking with ease. Easily make conversations with women, starting today.

Moving On After The Breakup

Getting over a lost love is never an easy task. This guide to emotional recovery is aimed toward helping you with moving on after a break-up. Getting your life back on track.

Things To Remember When Dating a Younger Guy

In dating, when a man is a few years older by let’s say about 5-8 years, it is still not at all significant. But what if it is the woman who is older? Thanks to Demi Moore, Courtney Cox and Madonna, such a pair is no longer as stigmatized.

Caution – Get Out of the Friend Zone

Many men suffer being trapped in the dreaded friend zone. We explore what the friend zone actually is and how you can avoid it.

Things You Need to Know When Dating an Older Guy

For those who started dating in high school, it would usually be with a classmate or a peer. The age difference isn’t all that significant. Even though back then it may be a big deal if a Junior is dating a Senior, when you reach your 30s, a couple years of age gap won’t be that big of a deal anymore.

How To Flirt – 9 Effortless Ways To Flirt With A Man

Some women find flirting natural while others, find it a frustrating experience. Flirting is not about throwing yourself at a man but more about the slight gestures that you do which make a man want you. All men love a woman that can flirt back, it’s something that we find incredibly attractive. For us, flirting is an important part of the seduction process, we absolutely love to charm women, to impress them and that is what flirting is for us.

10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Really Into You

Telling if a guy is actually into you is much easier than most women think. Often time’s women let their own personal feelings get in the way of their thinking and later realize that they have been wasting time with a guy that doesn’t actually like them.

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