Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

Young Women in Quest of Men – There Are Better Days to Come

When it comes to the subject of men, I know your plight. I remember the nonsense that consumed my mind in the past.

Impressing A Man On The First Date

Do you know what to do to impress a man on the first date? Are you kind of an old fashioned girl who enjoys the nice little touches of old time dating? Do you want to find a man who appreciates these same niceties? Chivalry isn’t dead even though many people would like you to believe it is. There are still lots of guys out there who enjoy treating a woman well and they will if given a chance. But if you want to impress a man on the first date, there are things you can do too.

Dating “Repeats” – Same Person, Different Packaging

Sometimes we get dating “Repeats.” That’s where we discover we are seeing our past in the present. Repeats don’t necessarily mean were embedded in our past, and stuck in ‘replay’ mode. They don’t mean we are calling in the same thing, and that all our applied work is failing. Repeats are a form of “check in.” They are meant to activate our recognition, and see if we are now clear.

The Dating “Spin Cycle”

There is a dating phenomenon I call the Spin Cycle. It’s where a potential sexual partner stirs us up to a frenzy through the onslaught of excessive attention. This exhilarating effect tosses our head in the clouds one minute, then lands on thoughts of the seducer/seductress the next minute.

For New Relationships – Keep Your Own Counsel

Unless your BFF is the Dalai Lama, keep your own counsel when a relationship is in its formative stages. It’s not that we can’t or shouldn’t talk to friends about what’s going on. It’s a question of the quality of feedback we’ll get in doing so. Each person comes with their own baggage and emotional landscape. Well-meaning friends can taint our vision of what we’re experiencing, sheerly by their perspective.

Quick Tips on How to Impress a Boy

You met a boy next door, and started liking him. But you don’t know if he likes you too or not. Now, you want to him to notice you, the next time you see each other. This may seem like climbing Everest at the first glance, but actually it is not!

Can You Really Handle A Casual Relationship?

Have you ever considered the possibility of having a “casual relationship” with a guy you’re attracted to? Do you think you could get involved sexually but yet stay emotionally at arm’s length? What kind of guy would fit the bill for this kind of relationship with you? Before you make the decision about a casual relationship, here are a few things you might want to consider.

How A Man Shows His Love

Did you know that a man may be better at showing his love than at talking about it? Can you identify the ways that your man shows he loves you, or do you find his actions confusing? Do you believe that actions speak louder than words when it comes to expressing love? Every woman needs reassurance that her man loves her. Unfortunately, a guy seems to find it very difficult to express himself clearly with words. For him, showing his love is easier, and is how he tries to prove his love for a woman.

Dating Ideas For Everyone To Enjoy

Dating provides a great opportunity to spend quality time with someone to get to know them better. Being able to step away from your everyday daily grind gives you a way to enjoy exciting adventures and activities that can help you learn about one another’s likes and dislikes without any distractions from work or friends.

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Boring You

It has been some time since your boyfriend created any new surprises for you. As a result, you can’t help but feel that he is boring you. Here are some things to know about men so you don’t easily throw away the possibly great guy you have…

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Busy

Life is great when your boyfriend makes time to ask you out on romantic dates. Then one day, he suddenly tells you he too busy. It takes you by surprise and you feel lost. Not to worry. Here are some tips on what to do when your boyfriend is busy so the next time you see him, you can greet him with an even wider smile on your face!

How Not To Get Ripped Off By Online Dating Sites

Maybe you have tried an online dating site or you were just thinking about it. Online dating sites can provide plenty of enjoyment and entertainment, as long as you are careful. You want to make sure that you spend your money wisely and not get ripped off by any dating site.

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