Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

She Won’t Return My Calls or Texts – What Do I Do After I Get a Girl’s Phone Number?

What do I do after I get a girl’s phone number? You’ve finally done it. You approached a girl.

14 Ways to Ask a Girl Out

There are many ways to ask a girl out and sometimes the most creative way is what gets you ahead of the game. Asking someone out is not one sided and if she likes you, she’d go out with you no matter how you did it.

Tips for Single Guys Getting Serious About Single Mothers

The article reviews some of the tips about dating single mothers for men that have never dated single mothers before. The focus of the article is to take a critical look at the role that a young man will assume when it comes to dating the single mother in respect to priorities and what to look for in a single mother to best determine whether or not the relationship is suitable for him.

Dating 101: 3 First Date Tips For The Real Man

The first date with a woman is very important, because this is when she forms the majority of her impression of you and decides where you fit in her view of men. Are you relationship material, fun hang out material, stuck in the friendzone or just a free meal? By the end of your date she should know under no uncertain terms that she’s spent the evening with a real man. Ignore the wisdom below and you’ll be seen as just another boy playing dress-up in his Daddy’s clothes.

Never Again: How to Stop Repeating Negative Patterns

Do you often find yourself wondering: Why do I keep repeating the same thing, over and over? Most people will admit that it is very simple to fall into a routine. However, many of us are also the victims of negative patterns as well.

Dating Chinese Girls in the Year of the Dragon

Will your Chinese girlfriend put pressure on you in the year of the dragon? Why is it easy to find a Chinese girlfriend or wife in the year of the dragon? Read this article now to find out more!

How To Make A Perfect Relationship Using 3 Easy Tips

In the universal sense, there is no such thing as a flawless relationship, except within your standards and preferences. But there are also general tips that will help you get along and bond with your loved ones better.

Dating With Herpes – Starting a Relationship With Herpes

If you have herpes, and you have been alone for a while, then you probably want to start dating. But now you may be wondering how dating will work when you have herpes. You may realize that dating for you now won’t be the same as it was before you got herpes. You may be nervous or scared about it, and worried about rejection, or worried about giving your herpes to someone else. You may have heard of some legal cases which went to court regarding some celebrities, with their names in the media, which is something you are very concerned about. And finally, you may wonder how or if you will ever have sex when you find the right person. This article will address all of these issues, in a concise, easy to understand format.

How to Successfully Ask Out Any Women

Learning how to ask a girl out the right way can be a lot easier than you may think. All you need is to understand the way women think.

How to Get Girls in High School

I remember when I first got into “pick up” (yuck) I used to think these guys were so good that everything went perfectly. I remember reading some field reports where the guys effortlessly got into the girls pants without a single hiccup along the way, and thinking about how I needed to stop making little mistakes.

Tips For Ending A Bad First Date

First dates are hard enough, but when they are bad or you just aren’t feeling any connection, they can be very awkward. Most everyone has had at least one date that they wish would have never happened. When a first date isn’t going good, you’re not the only one who is probably wishing the date was over. Sometimes the best thing you can do for both of you is end it as quickly as possible.

Ten Misconceptions Men Have About Women

Misconception 6. – “When we go out on dates, she’ll appreciate the fact that I give her options and ask her where she wants to go!” Translation – “I’m too much of a wuss to do my job as a man and take the lead, so I’ll place that burden squarely on her, instead.” Unless she specifies a place or activity, do your duty as a man and take the lead for God’s sake. If you don’t step up, you’ll get stepped on.

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