Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

Five Tips For Approaching Women

Have you ever been rejected when you approached a woman? Unless your name is Brad Pitt I’m going to guess the answer to that is yes. Well let me tell you, it happens to guys all the time. I’m sure 99% of guys have faced rejection by a woman at some point in their lifetime. Guess what? Rejection sucks, but it happens, and there can be a million reasons why. I’m here to give you five sure-fire tips that will increase your chances with any woman, guaranteed.

Why Is Obesity Unattractive? It’s Not Because Obese People Are Ugly

Blogs often state that obese people are undesirable in the dating market because their looks are “ugly.” The real reason that obese people are passed up for dates, however, is more nuanced, and has to do more with psychology than with physiology.

Christian Dating: Be Equally Yoked in Five Areas

As a Christian when you are dating, the one Scripture that comes to mind is 2 Corinthians 6:14: “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.” Being equally yoked has to do with being compatible and like-minded. It really is common sense – You want to get along well with your partner. You want to fit together and enjoy being together. It is wise to be equally yoked in these five areas…

3 Little Known Chinese Dating Secrets!

These three revealing secrets will definitely surprise you! Most men when dating a Chinese woman will never actually know these, and so will make the usual mistakes in their dating techniques. Make sure you check these out so you will be way ahead of the game with Chinese women!

How to Know If You Are in a Serious Relationship

Love is a beautiful thing and being in a relationship is just amusing. The moment you accept each other to be a couple is magical but then there will come a time in the relationship when you just wonder, is this real? Is he or she true?

How to Get a Date When You Are Desperate For One – Advice For Men

It’s a Friday night and you’re spending it in your apartment bedroom, playing video games while your friends double, triple date the night away in bars or that new Japanese restaurant that just opened up, three blocks from the river park. Don’t feel too sorry for yourself because you still have plenty of chances to join them. Dating sites are rampant nowadays.

What Do Men Really Like!

OK, this is from a man’s point of view! I know a lot of you are confused about the way men think, but that is no surprise…

Rules On How To Make Yourself More Attractive

So, you think you’re not attractive? Well, this may be the case because the way you feel about yourself can really determine what you look like and how attractive you are to the opposite sex. So what can you do about it? Are you hopeless? Absolutely not.

3 Steps to Writing a Powerful Love Letter

Love letters are an important part to a romantic relationship. They help your partner realize your true feelings, set the tone for the future, and show how much they mean to you. It makes them think about the time you spent thinking about them, loving them, and wanting them to know your true feelings.

Attracting Women Shouldn’t Be Hard

If you find that you’re having trouble attracting women then go ahead and read this article because you’ll find some great tips that can help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing. If you’re having trouble with women, more than likely, it’s your confidence level. Why do I say, “more than likely”?

How to Make a Girl Like Me – Amazingly Powerful Psychology Tactics to Make a Girl Like You Quickly

Not all conventional dating techniques can make a girl like you quickly. Most of them are too used up that they actually ceased to become effective. Women today are more picky and at most, uncompromising.

My Boyfriend Wants A Break And So Do I – Is It Over?

Whenever a female learns that: “My boyfriend wants a break,” Her first instinct is to automatically assume that she has displeased him, failed to satisfy his needs in some way or that he no longer finds her physically or sexually attractive. Although there can be no denying the fact that these are some of the reasons as to why a girls boyfriend says that he wants a break, it is by no means automatically the case.

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