Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (2)

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

In the NYC dating world you should never assume. Until you have a conversation and agreement on the topic of the relationship, it’s not safe to assume anything is exclusive.

One Step Closer to Divinity

“One Step Closer to Divinity” focuses not just on dating, but relationships in general. Written in anticipation of the Jewish High Holidays this article discusses the need for communication, commitment and forgiveness.

The Phenomenon of the Manhattan Man-Boy

Recently, I had a female client come to me who is truly gorgeous, stylish, smart and serious about meeting the “One.” She is a woman – poised, mature and elegant – and, as she explained, she is looking to meet A MAN. Someone who is, among other things, mature, sexy, confident, unfailingly responsible, an adult also looking to meet an adult.

Asking the Right Questions in 2011

“Asking the Right Questions in 2011” tackles the topic of acceptance and making the most out of 2011 by asking productive and proactive questions about finding the One. Among the advice: stop looking backwards asking “WHY” about your past relationships and start looking forwards to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

How To Get A Girl: The Finest Strategies To Be Able To Manage Physical Contact

Bodily/physical contact or touching is a totally essential aspect of attraction. One can’t efficiently pick-up a girl without initially acquiring basic level of shared tactility. Example, Before you can move in for the kill through kissing and/or sleeping together, you MUST first have a regular, healthy degree of touching that operates both ways: the girl flirtatiously places her hand upon your knee, while you encircle her waistline in your arm and bring her a little closer – regardless which form the physical contact takes, it has to be present for you to obtain your ultimate purpose of true seduction.

How To Be Good At Dating Girls – 3 Great Tips

If you’d like to find out how to get your dating skills polished, read this article. It’s a special article for special people.

Dating Volume One

Go out twice a week on Friday and Saturday evening. Do some fieldwork and pick the best place to go out in your town. Best place means place with best women.

Is Giving Out Your Number Teasing People?

Is giving out your number to a stranger flattering to deceive? Are you teasing someone by giving out your cell to a stranger in order to build a friendship? Does it give off the wrong signals to men who think they have got a chance when they get a girls number? Is it naive of men to think that a woman giving them their phone number is basically spelling out that they want to have sex with them?

Dating Tips for Guys, My Chameleon Theory

The ability to change your colors. How cool would that be? You’re on the battlefield and you blend into your surroundings. That could save your life.

Wake Up and Go-Go Before She Makes You Cocoa

It is so important that when you sleep with someone and you only intend it to be a one night stand you get out of there sharpish. You don’t want to be leading her on that’s for sure, but at the same time you don’t want to realise the awkwardness of the girl you have slept with the night before. We have all done it, all woken up to the sight of what we slept with last night.

Pick Up Lines – 7 Golden Rules

When in company, there is nothing like a witty pick up line, that not only grabs attention but also projects you as a smart girl or a guy who would actually get “picked up” by someone equally smart. On the flip side, unfortunately, it is not so easy to come up with these so called smart pick up lines. A pick up line may actually fall flat and project you in quite an opposite light!

Emotional Roller Coaster Relationship

Every now and then, every dating relationship will go through arguments which eventually create an emotional roller coaster. As much as it can be unpleasant, it is healthy and can help create lasting relationship. Most of these emotions are not negative in nature.

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