Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (3)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (3)

Distracting Yourself From First Date Pressure

If you get very nervous when you are on a first date, this article gives you lots of suggestions on how to distract yourself from that pressure and have a much more successful experience. Whether you met the person on a dating website or in person, these ideas will help anyone get through the jitters of first date pressure.

Ladies, Want To Know What To Get Him For Valentine’s Day? A Cell Phone Stun Gun

Ladies, are you trying to think of a great gift to give your man this Valentine’s Day? Why not give him a completely unique device that could literally save his life one day with the cell phone stun gun?

Over 50 Dating Is Still Possible Especially for Pursuing Serious Relationships

For individuals who are over 50 dating, I’m sure they are quite awkward on how to start doing it after such a long time. In this article, tips will be shared on how to be a good flirt and also giving you some of the best dating advice.

4 Ways to Get A Girl’s Number That You Can Use Tonight

The moment has arrived. After racking your brain trying to come up with any question to engage her interest, you make the dive and ask for her number. But then you wonder, “Am I any different from all the previous hopeful hearts that have also made the plunge?” How will she see me any differently?

How to Find a Man Who Is a Hopeless Romantic Like You

Hopeless romantics think about happy ever after and finding ‘The One’. You know there must be such men out there. Yet how to find a man who is a hopeless romantic like you is proving to be more difficult than you thought. Hence, here are some tips on what to do so you can meet and attract your soul mate quickly…

How Wearing the Wrong Colors Can Spoil a First Date

Did you know that the color you’re wearing can subconsciously affect the emotions of another person? Psychological studies have proven this to be true. If the person is a first date you probably want to create a positive effect and make a good impression.

Is It Love? 7 Ways to See If You’re Dating the Right Person

Sure, you’ve gone on a few dates and had some fun – or maybe you’ve been together for a few months, or even a few years -but how do you really know if the person you’re dating is "The One"? Here are 7 ways to see if the person you’re dating is Mr./Miss Right or Mr./Miss Wrong.

Is It The Person Or The Package When Looking For Love?

I recently wrote a political article raising the same questions; I inquired whether it was more important to choose a political candidate with character or a great package to offer the American people. When looking for someone to trust in our government office, do we look for the person? Or the package they have to offer? Perhaps the same questions apply in love.

How To Get Women To Like You – Actions To Take Immediately!

If you want to get her to like you, read further. There are a number of qualities that women find very attractive. Here are some action steps you can take immediately. Hope this helps!

Dating Tips For Introverted Men

Lots of dating advice caters to extroverted guys. But what’s wrong with being introverted? Here are three dating tips for men who are introverted.

How to Keep a Woman – What Her Body Wishes You Knew

A lot has been written and published about how to get a great woman. Lots of it is really good. Quite a lot more is utter rubbish. But in my experience the standard advice for keeping a great woman in your life is so far off base it is scary!

The Light in the Midst of Lost Love

As I sit here writing this article I am in deep thought about my little brother’s current heartbreak over a girl he was with for over a year. He (like most during this difficult time) looks for ways that this shouldn’t have happened. Ways that he could make it better, and right…anything to take the pain away. I have been there.

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