Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (4)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (4)

Calling After the First Date – Is The Next Day Too Soon?

Calling the next day is too soon after the first date since your date hasn’t had enough time to evaluate you and may think you’re being persistent. Others think if you don’t call right away you don’t like them. If you really like this person, at the end of the date tell her how much you enjoyed your time with her and would it be Ok to call in a couple of days.

Dating Tips – 4 Ways to Tell If You Should Break Up or Make Up

If you’ve been dating someone for a long enough, sooner or later you’re going to run into conflict. Well fasten your seatbelts for this adrenaline fueled thrill-ride through the inner workings of the human psyche as we give you four down and dirty ways to tell if it’s time to make up or break up.

Signs He Is Not Right For You

Is he really right for you? 5 signs that he is not right for you.

Successful Text Messaging With Girls

Discover how to be successful when text messaging girls. Learn these secrets of text messaging success and you virtually guarantee yourself a date next time you send a text message.

Five Mistakes Guys Make When Text Messaging Girls

There are some key mistakes that guys are making over and over again which are destroying their chances of getting dates and getting women to go out with them. Let’s take a look at these now so that you can avoid them in your own text messages.

The Best Texts to Send a Girl You Like

Make sure that you are sending out the right kind of texts. If you send out the wrong kinds of texts you will kill your chances of getting a girl out on a date. Discover the right texts to send here!

What (Not) To Do On A Bad Date

Maybe you’re dissapointed with her looks if it was a blind date, maybe her interests and stories are boring you, maybe she is too self-obsessed, but maybe you are just not a good match. There are many possible reasons for a date to go wrong.

Love or Lust – How Girls Can Determine Which Words They Can Trust

Wanting to know how your boyfriend really feels about you? Learn to sort their romantic words into one of three categories and bring some truth to light.

Why Profession-Based Websites Are the Best Choice for Busy People

Sometimes a general online dating site can be just as frustratingly hard to find partners as traditional dating. Sometimes delving deeper into dating niches as profession based dating sites might just do the trick. After all, we are all looking for someone with similar interests, whether it be friends, partners, and even family.

How Do You Handle A Date With Rude Manners?

You met your date in the parking lot of the restaurant and right before you walked in the building, your date hocked and spit on the sidewalk. Once inside the restaurant, your date orders without even asking if you’re ready, eats with a full mouth, belches and passes gas at the table and then leaves you with the check while outside catching a smoke, in the non-smoking area. How can one person be so rude? Was the person born in a barn? Maybe so. You just have to accept that some people are born and raised without learning what constitutes proper manners in today’s society. And some know how to act properly and make a conscious decision to behave the opposite just because they can. Regardless of the reasons, you need to set things straight if you even want to see this person again.

Talking Sex and Love to Your Man

You’ve heard those words from your man that made your heart flutter or made you smile (and maybe blush a little, wink wink!), or made you say “Awwww”, right? Have you ever wondered what to say to him to make him feel the same way as he makes you feel? Well, keep reading to find out 3 ways to talk to him to show him how you feel and communicate with him more effectively.

5 Signs That She Wants You to Kiss Her

You and your lady are at the end of your date for the evening. A perfect end to the night would be a kiss. Here’s where your nerves become wracked, wondering how she’ll react. How do you know when she’s ready to be kissed by you? Women usually aren’t direct like men. Even just a kiss is something intimate and special. It is the beginning of other things potentially. If a woman doesn’t like you, she won’t kiss you. She may hesitate even if she does like you, so here are 5 ways you can find out if she’s ready to kiss you.

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