Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (4)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (4)

The (Ugly) Truth About College Dating

The usual romantic-comedy flick is centered on a plot about love being found in typical places, most of the time, if the target audience is young adults, in a school setting. This can either be in high school or for slightly more mature audiences, in college.

Is He Just Making His Way to Your Pants or Your Heart?

Did you ever wonder if the guy you’re with truly does love you or is simply sticking with you just because you’re the hottest girl, by his side, in the neighborhood? There are indeed a lot of men who are pretty lustful and are just after their girlfriends’ bodies without investing any real emotion into the relationship, and you’re afraid that you might be undervalued as a person. Of course, there are many girls out there who wish to have a boyfriend who gives them true love and nothing less, you included. But, is such a thing possible? Of course it is, but you first need to determine whether or not he truly has feelings for you instead of just going after your body.

How To Flirt Through Text – The Right Ways To Ask Her Out With Your Phone

Want to learn how to flirt through text? It’s a very important skill, because if you do it wrong, you’ll never hear from her again. On the other hand, if you do it RIGHT, it’s your key to more and better dates in the future! Read this article to learn the right ways to ask her out with nothing more than your mobile phone.

Decoding Male Psychology – What Men Really Look For In A Loving Relationship

Is it becoming too much of a hassle to spend most of your time decoding male psychology? Ever wondered how to get into the mind of the man of your dreams? Do you always find yourself stumped at how to make your relationship exciting again? Well, you and a whole lot of other women are going through the same problem. But an easier way to decoding male psychology is by simply putting ourselves in the shoes of our man.

Confidence Is Sexy

Women really do love a self-confident man. People, do not confuse self-confidence with being cocky. Women can’t stand a guy who is full of himself.

All About Getting Physical With A Woman – How To Touch Her In The Right Ways

Why should you know about getting physical with a woman? The answer is simple: Half of all communication is done through body language. Words aren’t enough to leave a good impression! Here’s how to touch her in the right ways and places.

Do You Have a Clingy Vibe With Men?

Worried that you have a clingy vibe with men? Here are some signs that you may be sending the wrong message to a man through your energy.

Flirting Is So Much Easier When You Know Body Language

Body language is among the most critical skills that one can be taught when attempting to flirt with ladies, yet it is forgotten by the majority of men. If you put in the time to know the essential body language abilities you will enjoy an unfair advantage over all of those other guys. You’ll be capable to seduce any woman you want and almost instantly identify those that aren’t interested. Learning body language methods makes flirting a whole lot more fun and a lot easier.

Are You Trying to Chase Him Into A Relationship?

There’s a wise man who once said, “Falling in love and being in a relationship are not the same thing.” When I tell you that I can personally attest to that, it’s almost embarrassing how much I can relate. Indeed, there is nothing like being in a relationship all by yourself.

How To Talk To Women

When a pretty little lady at a party catches your eye, do you freeze or stride up boldly, convinced this time will be different, and then find yourself floundering? Contrary to popular belief, talking to a woman does not have to be rocket science. Your own lack of confidence is your worst enemy.

What Not to Do On The First Date

First dates for most are stressful to say the least. The most common problem people face with first dates are that they have no idea what the date and them may have in common.

Want To Turn Up The Heat? Take Your Date Dancing

There are several reasons why you’ll want to take your date out on the dance floor. First of all, dancing allows the two of you to get a little bit closer, to see how the other one moves and you know what they say. The way a person moves on the dance floor is a great indication of how they’ll perform in the bedroom. There’s one other important reason why dancing is perfect for date night. When you dance, you raise your heart rate and your body becomes flooded with endorphins, ensuring that you both feel great and ‘in the mood’.

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