Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (5)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (5)

Breaking Up, Making Up

Most everybody has been in a relationship that ended at some point. To marry your high school sweetheart, or first love is very rare. There are things that you can do to strengthen the odds of you getting back together with a past love or strengthening your current relationship.

Kissing on the First Date – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

All the so-called dating “experts” advocate kissing on the first date. I don’t count myself among them. Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m certainly NOT against kissing on the first date. There are times when kissing on the first date is appropriate. But it should NOT be automatic. It’s going to depend on the situation and more importantly…the girl!

Looking for a Russian Wife

A woman needs to be your lover, friend, soul mate, partner and obedient at the same time. The woman of your dreams is special! She is what you want to see and feel when you wake up. As a man you have the right to be specific about what you desire in a woman. This makes dating and marriage to Russian women special.

What You Must Know And Look For During Courtship

Many make the mistake of thinking that courtship entails knowing how each other can perform sexually. Some have even taken dating to be equivalent to courtship. This misconceived understanding of courtship could lead them into not probing what happens after courtship. But Courtship being “the time when a woman and a man” as John Mark Ikpiki defines it, “keep steady company to discover whether they are mutually suited to marry each other or not” has a more “real world” nature.

I in Your Relationship

An article that throws light on “I” vs. “We” factor in every relationship. A relationship can work only if “We” dominates “I”.

What Women Really Desire in a Man (Read This Now)

I think that a lot of frustration and painful rejection that men experience these days comes from this level of confusion in what they believe women really want in a man. It seems like most of this confusion is because men are trying very hard to be a certain “type” rather than focusing on the innate characteristics that create powerful attraction in any woman.

How to Tell Her You Want Her (The RIGHT Way)

The key to expressing your interest with a woman is to do so in a way that you cannot be rejected in the first place. But how is this possible? Read on.

How to Talk to Hot Girls (3 Simple Tips to Guarantee Success)

If you are currently having some difficulties talking to women, then these tips should help you out a lot. Remember to use them tonight, or next time you go out. The more you use them, the more fluid you will get with them.

How to Seduce a Woman Who Ignores You (2 Explosive Techniques to Turn It Around)

In fact, most women (especially the very beautiful ones) will put up this shield and project it to all men. This is because they are so fed up with being hit on by every single guy wherever they go. But rather than looking at this as her saying “leave me alone”, you need to see as her saying “show me how you’re different”.

Where Can I Take a Woman on a First Date? Your Questions Answered!

This is probably the most nerve racking part of the first date, the location. And trust me, it DOES make a huge difference. In this article I am going to go over some places where you should and should NOT take a woman on a first date. If you are at all interested in getting to that second date, then you are probably going to want to read this.

How To Kiss A Guy – Kissing Tips For Girls

Thinking about how to kiss a guy that you care about a lot can be stressful, especially if you have not kissed him before. Here are some kissing tips that will help you to kiss him well even if you have no or only very little experience with kissing boys.

Where to Meet Girls – A Guide to the Most Overlooked Hot Spots for Meeting Girls

Some of you may be surprised to learn that bars are NOT the only places to meet girls. In fact, if bars are your only meeting place for female companionship, you’re missing out. For many, the bar scene has become old and just not a great place to meet a quality girl. So what exactly is a single guy supposed to do? I’m glad you asked.

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