Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (5)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (5)

How To Attract Men By Eating And Not Worrying About Getting Fat

If you want to learn how to attract men, you can do so by eating and not worrying about getting fat. I know it seems trivial but if your man is like most other men and likes a good feed, also being able to eat with him might be a big deal to him. A lot of women are afraid of gaining weight, which stops them from eating. This physically distances themselves from the man and makes them less likely to feel close to their woman, even if she does everything else right. By letting go of those fears, you will gain more respect and love from your man. Here’s why.

Want to Make Easy Progress With Women? First You Need a Little Persistence

Guys who go out to meet and become good with women often fall at the first hurdle. They underestimate the stress and anxiety that regularly meeting women can cause and as such often give up. This article shows that with a little bit of persistence you will overcome this first stage and from then on things become a lot easier.

Giving A Woman Your Full Attention

I have a simple rule. I will be fully wherever I am. That means focusing on the present moment, being aware of what’s around me, and giving my full attention to whomever I’m walking with. If I find I can’t do that, I will leave. Normally I find I can do it, however, it takes practice.

Dependence on Men – Beware the Dangers Early On in a New Relationship

Dependence on men can be very risky too early on in new relationships. If you’re looking for a man, beware of the dangers of losing your independence and expecting a little too much too soon. This can quickly turn your exciting new relationship sour and have dire consequences for your self-esteem and self-confidence. Don’t sabotage your dating success. Read this article now.

How Much Theory Do I Need To Be Good With Women?

One huge excuse for procrastination that I hear over and over again from guys in the community is that they haven’t read enough material and therefore are currently unable to go out meeting women. This is perhaps the most wasteful and destructive thought process a guy can have, I believe this is a trap that the majority of people who get into pickup and dating fall into to some extent. I go out with a lot of guys who have just started approaching women.

When the Honeymoon Is Over – Tips on Keeping His Interest

What do men do when the honeymoon stage is over? How can a woman keep a man’s interest and passion burning for her? Will the relationship move on to something much better? Or will it deteriorate and fade? It’s not easy to keep the relationship fresh once the honeymoon stage is over. Tension may rise and couples tend to drift apart. However, this can be avoided with a few simple tips:

How to Approach Women – It’s About More Than Just Getting Her Phone Number

Feeling desperate to know how to approach women? Well, you are not alone! There are a lot of people who find it difficult to talk and woo a lady.

3 Ways To Know It’s Time To Kiss Her

Three awesome tricks to know when its time to go for the first kiss, and to give you the confidence necessary to propel a relationship forward, while knowing when and how to flirt with a girl! From watching her body language, to using the dance floor to your advantage.

Dating Tips for Divorced Dads

If you’re looking for advice to start dating again after a divorce then this is the article you were looking for. We’re going to look at three essential first date tips for men after they went through a divorce. 1st, we’re going to speaking about how to fix a clear vision of your objectives.

5 Helpful Tips On How To Get Females

It’s fair to say that more or less every single male in existence wishes that they could be more successful at attracting ladies. Unfortunately, unless you are a celebrity, have cash to burn or are very good looking, attracting females can prove a difficult task. However, the truth is it doesn’t have to be!

11 Proven Ways to Build Confidence – Become A Confident Woman And Get The Man You Want

Lacking confidence is why so many women fail to meet or attract the men they want. When you know how to do it, building confidence is really quite simple, and is the only thing standing in the way of your dating success. Put the following steps into action and notice how you start getting noticed!

Does He Love You? – The Game of Love Men Play

Have you ever wondered if the man is really interested in you? Are you the one for him? Or is he just playing games? To find the answer, read the rest of the article and discover the games men play. It’s better to know his true intention before he breaks your heart.

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