Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (5)

Brazilian Girl TikTok #shorts (5)

The 3 Do’s and Don’t’s of Texting

When can I text? When is too much? Why isn’t he responding? Check out these three do’s and don’ts of texting.

How to Cope With a Heart Break

To those people who have just had their heart broken, there are some things that they could do to help them handle it without being depressed. To know more about these things, here are some helpful tips that people could consider to help them deal with their heartbreak.

Tips to Prepare for Date Night

Ideas for busting that pre-date stress. Useful for any lady looking forward to an upcoming date night.

Some Of The Worst Mistakes You Can Make In A Relationship

We’d all like love and support, friendship with a bit of passion thrown in. Research has been done on this, (natch!), and it’s been found that if we’re suffering some sort of pain; headache, toothache, you name it, looking a a photo of someone you love grants a noticeable easing of that pain.

What to Expect When Meeting New People in an Online Dating Service

Joining an online dating site allows you to create your own profile along with the posting of a suitable photograph. In recent times, a lot of people now use online dating sites to meet singles for dating and especially to meet like-minded people as their eventual partner in life.

The 4 Roles We Must Play to Keep That Gorgeous, High Quality Woman Bonded to Us for Life

I have talked about how to take any woman you want from the approach to your bedroom and into your life, sexually and emotionally using my world famous 7 point or step system. The next obvious question is once you have seduced a woman sexually, how do you keep her for life? To do this, we must play 4 roles.

Pursue Me!

I grew up knowing that a man should pursue a woman and not the other way around. Perhaps it was the way my parents taught me, my generation, or maybe it is the culture from where I come from. Whatever it was, a woman being pursued by a man sounds more right to me than a man being pursued by a woman. Even the fairy tales I enjoyed as a young girl always depicted a picture of a prince coming to save his princess.

Tips for Getting a Guy to Pay Attention to You

Dating has become really challenging and there are women who find themselves dateless and a failure in attracting the opposite sex. Of course women with active dating life have better chances of meeting the man of their dreams but getting into the dating game is not easy for some women. Are you one of those women struggling to get into the dating scene? Getting noticed or getting a guy to pay attention to you is the first step to get into the dating scene. Here are some tips to get his attention.

How to Attract a Man – Online Dating 101

Online dating is a great way to meet guys. Cute guys going through dry spells, shy boys who prefer to express themselves in writing, serious men who want to meet their future wives.

Advice for a First Date That Guarantees You a Second One

So you managed to get his attention (on your online dating site or at a bar last night) and he has invited you for a night out, your first date! Great, you aced step one.

The (Un)Importance of Looks To Be Attractive to Men

In today’s beautified era, where an army of cosmeticians, make-up artists, hairdressers and personal shoppers make sure celebrities and those who can afford it look as impeccable as physically possible, there lies an enormous pressure on average women to be attractive to men, slim and well dressed all the time. When watching models, magazine covers and stars parade in designer clothes with perfectly spotless skin, hair arranged in shapes defying gravity and forms not given by nature but carefully crafted by aesthetic surgeons, you have to possess a truly strong self-confidence to go out in the street again.

Conscious Relationships Have 7 Keys

Relationships fall apart every day. They all start with the very best of intentions, but reality sets in and throws challenges at them that knock them off balance; fighting over money, getting too busy for each other, losing that spark, etc.

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