To Date or Not To Date Co Workers

It is not always a bad thing when “love is in the air” amongst your circle of friends. You probably saw it coming when you witnessed the couple start giving each other rides or just a bit overly excited about every little thing they share. How about when “love is in the air” in the office?

Succeed at Dating – Are You Patient Enough to Get From Dating to Relationship?

Do you dread dating? Do you lose your head when you don’t get what you want straight away in a relationship? Patience is the order of the day when dating for several reasons. If you have difficulty keeping your cool whilst dating read this article to find out why will struggle to get from dating to a relationship if you can’t be patient.

Scorpio and Scorpio Romance – Can a Relationship Work Between These Two Powerfully Intense People?

Two Scorpios coming together could equal deep intensity, loving romance and powerful passion. It could also equal possessiveness, jealousy and selfishness.

Men Who Love BBWs – Skinny Girls Are For Wimps

You might think the title of this article alludes to the fact that a larger woman might require a physically strong man in order to handle her ample charms, but you would be quite wrong. In our popular culture, the media worships the beautiful, perfectly made-up, perfectly-coiffed, perfectly-dressed, THIN woman! What kind of pressure does a man face when he chooses to date a woman who doesn’t fit this image?

How to Win Your Boyfriend and Your Relationship Back

Well, it happened. Things were said and done that highlighted the tiny cracks in your “perfect” relationship that eventually led to your breakup. So what do you do now? You really want to set things right and get him back. Here are a few tidbits to get you started on your journey.

How Do I Know If She Likes Me?

This question is constantly asked by my male clientele. If you are always confused on whether or not she is interested in a romantic frolic in the hay, then pay attention to these important clues…

Two Main Ingredients – Why Relationships Fail

Everyone has had a relationship at least one time in their life. Love and relationships are challenging that is for sure. People are fearful of commitment, afraid of being rejected, and actually it’s the fear that keep us in problematic relationships.

My Boyfriend Says I Complain Too Much! How to Handle a Comment Like This

It’s hard to realize that your boyfriend doesn’t find you completely perfect even though those expectations are unrealistic. Not all criticisms hurt the same though. It’s especially painful if he has told you that he feels you complain too much.

Top Advice On Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Some people will ask “What’s a good thing to do with my girlfriend?” or ask for “fun things to do with my girlfriend” the truth is, that it can be challenging, even though you get along great with your other half to always find the best things to do with your time together. That’s where Girlfriend Advice comes in!

How To Ask Someone On A Date

Do you have difficulty asking someone out on a date? This article should offer you some useful advice that will make the whole experience easier or give you some alternatives.

Are You A Jewish Baby Boomer Looking For A Date? Try Looking Online!

It’s hard to believe that some of us are out in the wild world of dating in the time of our lives called the “golden years.” This is the time in our lives when we thought we’d be shaking popcorn over a crackling fire in the winter and laughing on the beach with our grandchildren in the summer. What a shock to find ourselves alone at home so much of the time.

Consciously Create Intimacy: Four Tactics for a More Intimate Environment

A person may be looking to set up the perfect environment for their first date, or they may be looking to bring back some intimacy into their life. In here are some tips to help create that “Magically” intimate connection with your companion.

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