How I Use WoW To Pick Up Chicks

Are you bored or lonely at home? Sometimes it is hard for us to find dates or even good friends for that matter. Did you know you have a vast number of people you can turn to online and you are probably ignoring them? Read how I have found dates just by playing WoW.

Dating Tips for Safe Online Dating

The popularity of online dating is increasing each year. It has become a very effective way to meet people with similar interests that you may have never met outside the internet. Although online dating can be a fantastic method for dating matchups, safe dating habits is a must! Below are a few habits you should incorporate into a first date on your online dating endeavors.

Preparing For Your First Date

Dating can be stressful most especially if it’s a blind date or your first date. You may think of first day magic like chocolates, dozens of red roses, romantic music, candlelight dinner, looking so fab but do not forget to add disappointment, ulcers and financial ruin to how you envision your first date.

How To Ask For A Girls Number Easily

Learn how to ask for a woman’s number with this article from Blitzkrieg dating. Learn what to say, and how you can ask for a girl’s number using these simple tools.

Rationale for Older Women Dating Younger Men

This article examines the statistical reasons for older women to date younger men based on the levels of eligibility associated with a shortage of men within their age group due to death and divorce. The logic behind the numbers in population for those adults over the age of 18 years and the social variables are considered. This is not a scientific document on the subject matter and therefore should not be used in an academic setting.

Chivalry 101: The Proper Way of Opening Doors for a Woman

Chivalry is not dead! The simplest things that you do, like opening a door matter a great deal to her because they tell her important things about you but you need to be able to do it right. Read on to learn the secret.

What to Do When a Man Is Making You Run After Him – Solid Advice Which Will Get You Great Results

Do you find it confusing when everything seems rocky between you and your man? Do you feel absolutely agitated when he stops answering your phone calls, texts or emails?

Chemistry Pick Up Lines

Is it possible to meet women while using something as obscure as using chemistry pickup lines to chat them up? Can it really work or does it sound ridiculous?

How To Write An Effective Personal Ad For Online Dating

Online dating is quickly becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to meet your potential match. Unlike other matchmaking methods, online dating provides much more initial information for you to filter out known incompatibilities and focus in on others with similar interests. When posting a personal ad for online dating, the most difficult part is providing the “Additional Information”. This is area where you write something about yourself that describes your likes, dislikes or whatever you want to relay to others who will be reading your profile.

7 Signs That He Fancies You – Now You Would Finally Know Whether He Likes You or Not

It can be hard to read a guy’s thoughts. This is especially true when he’s trying to be manlier and he’s bottling all of his emotions within. But it’s not that difficult to figure out what he is really hiding on the inside. Here are some really good ways to know if he fancies you or not…

Approaching Women During The Daytime – Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are my prime place for approaching women during the day. That’s where probably 90% of the girls I’ve dated came from. They’re bored because if they’re at the coffee shop, they’re either waiting for someone or they’re working or studying.

How To Approach A Woman With Good Stories – It’s All About Character

When you’re learning how to approach a woman, telling stories is a great way to keep the conversation going. After your opening, you can use stories to qualify her and tell her about yourself. The key ingredient to a good story is a great character.

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